Music 01

Introducing this topic, I will use it as a short form of something diary-like.

I do not want to write about each mundane day in detail and I define feelings to a large extent by images or music so I will post the song I listen to repeatedly each day. I usually do not choose them consciously but just end up rewinding them again and again on my MP3-player. Sometimes it might be two songs but rarely more.

If I know why I keep on listening to this particular song on this particular day, I will add that as well – but sometimes I just don’t.

Today’s song is:

Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto No. 7

because it accompanied me on my first trip through the streets of London since I left in June and its energetic yet calming theme was a perfect match for my mood.

The second song for today is:

The theme from the film “Good Bye, Lenin!” by Yann Tiersen, Summer 78

because being alone in my room watching the light fade I felt somewhat anxious and alone but not really sad and this melody picked this quiet melancholy up very well.


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