Tenth Post

Bacon is like Banana with Buttercream – Food Issues

I don’t know if I’m extremely picky with food, I have no real comparisons. How do you determine if you not like more things than anyone else..?

But I seem to not like things that most people like and for different reasons. Texture is very important; at least as important as taste, if not more. The three things in the title are related, to me, because I dislike bananas because of their texture (the taste is okay), slimy and squishy, and I dislike butter – except in very small quantities – because it always feels it’s coating my gums with a greasy, slimy layer of fat. Bacon combines slimy, squishy texture with this fat-layer, so it’s even worse.

And I don’t combine sweet and savoury things. It’s just… wrong. It doesn’t belong together. I don’t put oranges in a green salad, apples with fish, pineapple on pizza, etc.; there are only a few things that are acceptable in some cases. I like carrot cake and avocado smoothies. Carrots are neutral, like pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

When I was little, I would always try one bite of everything on my plate – except if I didn’t know it – and rank them in taste, I then started with what I liked least and ate my way through to what I liked best. I wouldn’t mix things or eat them together. By now I do switch between the things on my plate but I still don’t like to mix them. Especially if they are not supposed to mix – salad dressing and pasta, for instance. And I’m still very sceptical about trying things I don’t know. If  I don’t like the smell I won’t.

I like Japanese food because they usually tend to leave most things their own taste and only enhance it with spices or sauces; generally they don’t use much fat either. And you have an extra bowl or plate for everything! Perfect.


Close Encounter of the Feline Kind

When I was walking home yesterday I noticed a large black cat sitting on a garden fence next to the road. As I like cats very much I walked up to it to see if it was interested in becoming acquainted.

It was and I petted it for a few minutes. It seemed a little restless, though. When I walked on it jumped down and accompanied me; it walked right next to me much like a ‘heel’ing dog. When I came to the gate of my garden it went right through and waited for me at the front door. I thought it might be just happy to be on dry ground but when I unlocked the front door it immediately pushed through the crack and ran up the steps to where my rooms are. Luckily my landlord was in his rooms below and did not see that. By that time I was curious what it would do so I opened the doors to my living room and bedroom.

For around ten minutes the cat inspected the two rooms thoroughly, rubbing against the corners of the furniture, walking around the sofa, looking under the bed, sniffing at everything. When it had gone through both rooms twice – with intermittent being petted and purring – it walked down the stairs and waited at the front door. I opened it, the cat looked at me and meowed and then it left.

That was rather peculiar.

If I was superstitious I would now feel better because maybe it was looking for evil energies but could not find any. As it is now, I feel better because, for ten minutes, I have had a cat.