Tenth Post

Bacon is like Banana with Buttercream – Food Issues

I don’t know if I’m extremely picky with food, I have no real comparisons. How do you determine if you not like more things than anyone else..?

But I seem to not like things that most people like and for different reasons. Texture is very important; at least as important as taste, if not more. The three things in the title are related, to me, because I dislike bananas because of their texture (the taste is okay), slimy and squishy, and I dislike butter – except in very small quantities – because it always feels it’s coating my gums with a greasy, slimy layer of fat. Bacon combines slimy, squishy texture with this fat-layer, so it’s even worse.

And I don’t combine sweet and savoury things. It’s just… wrong. It doesn’t belong together. I don’t put oranges in a green salad, apples with fish, pineapple on pizza, etc.; there are only a few things that are acceptable in some cases. I like carrot cake and avocado smoothies. Carrots are neutral, like pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

When I was little, I would always try one bite of everything on my plate – except if I didn’t know it – and rank them in taste, I then started with what I liked least and ate my way through to what I liked best. I wouldn’t mix things or eat them together. By now I do switch between the things on my plate but I still don’t like to mix them. Especially if they are not supposed to mix – salad dressing and pasta, for instance. And I’m still very sceptical about trying things I don’t know. If  I don’t like the smell I won’t.

I like Japanese food because they usually tend to leave most things their own taste and only enhance it with spices or sauces; generally they don’t use much fat either. And you have an extra bowl or plate for everything! Perfect.


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