Close-up Flowers 06

A few pictures of flowers in our garden.

I’m still not too familiar with using manual focus so sometimes it is a little off target. I still liked the pictures, though. Feel free to comment. :)




Close-up Flowers 05

Not flowers, to be precise, but more leaves and moss.

These photos were taken in a park in Munich called “English Garden” on the most precious weekend of my life, September 21.

Close-up Flowers 04

I returned from a trip to Iceland and I took around 1300 pictures in two weeks. There are some of the flowers I photographed on volcano slopes and glacier moraines.

I apologise for the odd focus in some pictures; I received my camera on the day we left so these are basically the shots I took to get to know the whole DSLR mechanism.

Scenery and Sky 02

More scenery, less sky; all taken in Kew Gardens, June 2012. I really like the squirrel.

Scenery and Sky 01

Several sunrises and sunsets taken in Germany and England.

Close-up Flowers 03

These pictures were taken in Kew Gardens, London, in June 2012. I definitely have to go back there sometime; we barely had time to see a third of the whole area.

Close-up Flowers 02

These have been taken in this year’s spring, 2012, in my mother’s garden, W├╝rzburg, Germany.