And Another One…

Another blog page, I mean.

My Gallery !

I’m currently working on a career change from psychology to tattooing and took it upon me to create an online portfolio for applications.

It seriously was a struggle to find a good layout and make it look at least a little like what I had in mind.

Anyway, this is no great philosophical insight, but if you’d like to have a look, you’re welcome. Feedback is, of course, always appreciated.


Happy Cookies

One of my favourite pastimes that never fails to get me out of downwards spiralling mood or gives me a spark of energy is cooking – baking even more so, especially sweet things. I’d do that even more often, if I wouldn’t also eat most of what I make and my antidepressants had me gain some weight already.

Luckily I live together with five happy test subjects who, so far, highly recommended most of my creations.

In fact, they liked a few things so much that they asked if I don’t want to publish my recipes somewhere. I resisted the idea for a while because a recipe blog seems awfully time-consuming and there are so many nice ones out there already. But I want to keep note of the things I make anyway, so why not online.

So, I proudly present Toffee Faye’s Happy Cookies – Keeping the Darkness away one cookie a Time –

There’s only one recipe there for now… It’s not cookies, though. I guess I should make cookies next.

Hop over to pay it a visit and maybe follow, if you like, to get some updates for new recipes if you can make use of some darkness-awaykeeping yourself.


Close Encounter of the Feline Kind

When I was walking home yesterday I noticed a large black cat sitting on a garden fence next to the road. As I like cats very much I walked up to it to see if it was interested in becoming acquainted.

It was and I petted it for a few minutes. It seemed a little restless, though. When I walked on it jumped down and accompanied me; it walked right next to me much like a ‘heel’ing dog. When I came to the gate of my garden it went right through and waited for me at the front door. I thought it might be just happy to be on dry ground but when I unlocked the front door it immediately pushed through the crack and ran up the steps to where my rooms are. Luckily my landlord was in his rooms below and did not see that. By that time I was curious what it would do so I opened the doors to my living room and bedroom.

For around ten minutes the cat inspected the two rooms thoroughly, rubbing against the corners of the furniture, walking around the sofa, looking under the bed, sniffing at everything. When it had gone through both rooms twice – with intermittent being petted and purring – it walked down the stairs and waited at the front door. I opened it, the cat looked at me and meowed and then it left.

That was rather peculiar.

If I was superstitious I would now feel better because maybe it was looking for evil energies but could not find any. As it is now, I feel better because, for ten minutes, I have had a cat.